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Krystal Water Pools' Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance Services

Our Specialty - On-going Swimming Pool Maintenance and Care:
We provide full-service swimming pool care and maintenance services.  This includes managing your pool water's parameters, netting of the pool, emptying of the pool-sweep and skimmer baskets, brushing as needed, filter maintenance and a review of equipment operation at each visit.

Is your pool green? Are the walls covered with a mustard-yellow dust? Do you have dark black algae spots forming on the bottom? Is the water so green that you can't see the bottom? Are your neighbors wondering what that "science experiment" is growing in the backyard?

No matter how green or dirty your pool is (and we've seen some really, really "challenging" pools), our swimming pool care and maintenance service can generally have your pool sparkling clear in about 24 hours.

Equipment Upgrades:
We can provide a recommended list of equipment upgrades, with our favorites being Salt Water Chlorine Generators and the newest state-of-the-art energy efficient pumps (complete with PG&E rebate).

Krystal Water Pools
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Pool Services, Pool Equipment Maintenance and Upgrades, Water Analysis

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