Krystal Water Pools
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Save on Electricity!

Krystal Water Pools is a Certified PG&E Swimming Pool Energy Auditor. 

Did you know that a swimming pool with an older model single-speed pump is the single largest user of energy on a typical single family home?

In Norther California energy rates at the highest usage tier run as much as $0.33 per kilo-watt hour ($0.33/KWH), and a typical 2 horse-power swimming pool pump burns as much as 2,800 watts-per-hour.  Running the recommended 6 to 8 hours a day can cost as much as $200 or more a month. Add a standard booster pump for running your pool sweep on-top of that and your swimming pool's electric bill can easily reach $300 a month.

Fortunately, technology used in other industries has made its way to the swimming pool industry. Newer swimming pool pumps use hybrid drives and rare-earth magnets and can provide a reduction of your swimming pool's electricity usage by more than 80%.

A new energy efficient pool pump runs between 300-400 watts (vs 2,800 watts) and we typically see customers reduce their electric bill $100-$150 a month. This isn't marketing speak, but real significant savings seen by our customers who have upgraded their equipment.

While upgrading to an energy efficient pump might be confusing with all of the different pump types, feel free to give us a call and we will come out (no charge) and perform an energy audit for your pool, and make the right pump recommendation.

As a California licensed contractor, we will upgrade your pump for your pool,  and also process and submit a $100 home energy rebate from PG&E.