Krystal Water Pools
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Tile Cleaning

Do you have ugly tile?

Over time, weather, body oils, hard and unbalanced water  can leave calcium deposits and stains on your tiles. Removing those deposits by hand, brushes or even harsh chemicals is almost impossible and the results can permanently damage your tile.

Cleaning ugly tile
We now provide professional tile cleaning services. Our service will clean and restore your tile and grout at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the tile.

Some tile cleaning services use glass beads that can harm or pit the tile, and is difficult to clean-up afterwards and can remain in the pool when finished. We use an environmentally friendly media that is pH neutral, non-toxic, and is safe for your family, pets and plants - and it dissolves completely once we are done. We can clean calcium, hard water deposits and mold along your pool and spa tile line and spa spillway.

Before                                                                      After