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Krystal Water Pools’ Care:
It’s All About Your Water’s Chemistry

Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance is our Expertise!

Krystal Water Pools understands water chemistry. We are certified by the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) in Pool Water Chemistry.

We also understand in-depth care for residential and commercial swimming pools. We carry the Certified Pool Operator certification by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF).

We know what years of being “pool-stored” can do to the quality of the water you and your family swim in.

We've seen it – water so bad that no amount of sanitizer will make your pool clear, algae-free, and most importantly safe for your family to swim in.

Following is only some of the information we  provide as part of our services... Did you know:
  • That a properly maintained pool should never require shocking?

  • While convenient, tablets and granular shocks used over time to sanitize your water cause one of the biggest long-term maintenance issues that most pool owners don't even know about?

  • That the most important chemical in your pool isn't the one you think it is – and most pools over two years old have more than twice as much of this chemical than needed? (This chemical imbalance alone is the #1 reason pool owners do the “pool-store shuffle.”)

  • That "alternative sanitizers" (mineral or biguanide/baqua) and algaecides almost never keep a pool in ideal shape, and are really just masking underlying problems waiting to surface? (And they are responsible for green and/or gooey hair, not chlorine. We don't recommend these products at all...)

  •  That it is a myth that chlorine reddens eyes and causes itchy skin –  when in fact it's  imbalanced and improperly cared for pool water ?
We've seen and been through it all. Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance is what we know best.

Our kids don't swim in "organo-copper" solutions (what?) or "n-alkyl-dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride with some occasional inclusion of dialkyl monomethyl isomers"(?!!?) - And neither should you and yours!

A truly well-kept pool should not require tons of chemicals that you can't pronounce and surely aren't healthy to your family - We keep pool sanitation simple, because simplicity is all you really need once your water is in-shape.

When you use our swimming pool care and maintenance services, we guarantee you will be happy with your pool all year long, as well as have a better understanding of the care of the water in your pool...

Krystal Water Pools
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